11 Oct

Theodore Roosevelt said it best with, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” We rob ourselves of this joy every single day when we play the no-win game of comparison. 

Unfriend & Unfollow: 

Social media sets the perfect stage for the perfect storm of comparison. We scroll, scrutinize, suppose, and size up! But what does this really do for our well-being other than make us feel less pretty, less fit, less put together, less _____ (fill in the blank).

Not only does comparison take away opportunities to cultivate joy. It opens up a rabbit hole of opportunities to overthink and tear down the the things in our lives that we should be celebrating.Our first line of defense is to set healthy boundaries around social media. Remember that you hold all the power when it comes to your online habits. Unfollow or unfriend the individuals who you find yourself endlessly trying to measure up to. 

I always remind my clients that social media creates the perfect backdrop for perfection, which as we all know is utterly unachievable. Before you allow yourself to play the comparison game try tuning in to the emotions you are experiencing as you scroll. If you feel triggered by someone else’s content, put your phone down and spend a few moments reflecting on the negative feelings or emotions this post brought on. 

Set Healthy Boundaries: 

When we take inventory of what is no longer serving us, set personal boundaries with social media that protect our peace, and allow ourselves to acknowledge our own path and the little wins we are achieving every day, we give ourselves the best chance of stepping into the best version of ourselves.

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