Personal Development Mini-Course

Time proves to be the greatest obstacle when you are on a health and wellness journey, but it doesn't have to hinder your personal growth. Allow yourself to purposefully use the time you do have to enroll in this comprehensive 3 week mini-course to grow into a more authentic version of yourself. 

Your personal development will evolve when you slow down enough to hone in on key aspects of wellness.   Session 1 addresses your personal holistic wellness to help you better understand your current level of wellness. Session 2 focuses on mindset, motivation, and the importance of cultivating a morning routine. Session 3 illuminates the importance of self-care and mindfulness to help you find harmony in the midst of your busy life. 

If you're short on time, this condensed course is the perfect way to work towards authenticity, balance, and intentional living. 


3 sessions (1 hour per week), Course price $175 or $65 per session