29 Dec

This year has certainly proven to be a difficult year for many of us. We still find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, and this has changed the way we lived our daily lives in 2020. This year, many of us faced life-altering hardships and loss. Our holidays may have looked and felt much smaller and quieter than in years past. For some, the last three-fourths of the year may have felt very bleak, lonely, and isolating.

With only a few days left until we ring in a new year, a powerful way for you to process this year would be to intentionally reflect on your year through writing. In your favorite journal, in the Notes section of your phone, or even on a scrap of paper, free write about one or several of these year-end prompts. 

As your journal, allow the words to come freely and without reservation. This exercise will allow you to put a bow on 2020 as you open your heart to the new possibilities that come with new beginnings and new years. Happy writing!

Year-End Reflection Prompts: 

  • Identify the challenges you faced this year.
  • Reflect on the lessons you learned this year.
  • Acknowledge how you grew this year.
  • Describe how your heart broke this year.
  • Identify ways your heart opened this year.
  • Acknowledge what you want to remember most about this year.
  • Identify what you want to celebrate about this year.
  • Reflect on what you are grateful for about this year.

Reference: These prompts were adapted from Calm. 

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