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A Silent "Thank You"

We can shift our gratitude focus on offering a silent “thank you” to those who make the life we enjoy possible.

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The Benefits of Journaling

Research shows that free writing can reduce stress, improve your overall mood, and enhance your well-being. There truly is power in the pen!

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An Exercise in Self-Compassion

This exercise in self-compassion is a simple yet powerful way to celebrate and appreciate you!

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Year End Reflections

With only a few days left until we ring in a new year, a powerful way for you to process this year would be to intentionally reflect on your year through writing.

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You are What you Read

Open your heart, your mind, and a good book to the endless possibilities for personal growth.

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An Honest Look at Marriage

From the “I do’s” to the to-do’s, marriage is an ever-changing journey that challenges, tests, and illuminates our greatest strengths and weaknesses.

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The Importance of Self Care

The practice of self care is a critical part of our overall well being.

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Quiet Moments for Introspection

When we allow ourselves quiet moments in our busy lives to pause even for the briefest moments, we open our hearts and minds to personal insight, reflection, and honesty.

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The Beauty in Imperfections

We are not perfect parents so we cannot expect to have perfect children.

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