20 Oct

Reading is a key aspect of personal development. In order to truly grow, we need to be intentional about the content we consume. 

Personal development books can be a source of inspiration and motivation. The powerful words of others can encourage us to continue to blaze our own path to greatness. It starts with intention to make reading a daily practice. Dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to reading for your personal development. Keep a journal close by to jot down quotes and big picture ideas that genuinely resonate with you. 

If reading isn't really your bag, consider the endless possibilities for personal development that you can gain from listening to podcasts or audio books. Even if you are already an avid reader, listening on your commute to work or while you workout are excellent ways to expose yourself to meaningful content while on the go. 

Personal development is not cultivated without a desire to achieve more for yourself. It starts from within and is enhanced by the knowledge you acquire along the way. It requires intentionality and commitment. Personal development can be uncomfortable at times as you challenge old habits and ways of thinking. It is a life-long pursuit, however, curated from the people, words, and experiences that illuminate your life. 

Allow yourself to lean into the quiet moments life offers. Open your heart, your mind, and a good book to the endless possibilities for personal growth. Start reading for YOU today!

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